Exchanging Mind Maps between SimpleMind for iPad/iPhone and Desktop

Exchange via Wifi

Exchanging local Mind Maps via Wifi is possible between SimpleMind Desktop and SimpleMind for iPad/iPhone. The exchanging process is controlled from within the iPad/iPhone.

Step 1- Connect

  • Make sure both devices are connected to the same Wifi network.
  • Open SimpleMind on both your iPad/iPhone and Desktop
  • Open a local Mind Map on the iPad/iPhone
  • Tap the Share dropdown - Save to desktop
    iPad iPhone
  • Select the name of your computer
  • You will see a pairing code.
  • SimpleMind for Desktop will ask for this code. Enter it.

Step 2 - Exchange

Step 2A - Send to Desktop

  • To send a Mind Map to the Desktop, open the Mind Map. Tap the Share dropdown - Save to (name of your computer)
  • The Mind Map is send to your desktop.
    Step 2B - Import from Desktop Only possible with the full edition of SimpleMind for Mac!
  • For iPad use the "new" icon. For iPhone tap the dropdown menu. Select Import from Desktop.
  • Select the Mind Map you want to import.

Note: Importing Mind Maps from SimpleMind Free (desktop Mac) to SimpleMind for iPad/iPhone is not supported.

Connection Problems?

Connection problems usually are caused by:

  • A firewall on the desktop (99% of the cases).
    On Windows, make sure you allow iPhoneLink.exe to access the LAN. On Windows 7 the firewall for the local network should be adjusted.
    On Mac, make sure you allow SimpleMind (Trial).app to access the LAN.
  • SimpleMind for iPad/iPhone can only connect through the Wifi / LAN, not through the mobile 3G net
  • Bluetooth on the iPhone/iPad can interfere with the WiFi connection. Disable bluetooth (keyboard!) and retry
  • The device WiFi connection is plain unreliable in some cases (router dependent) Restarting both desktop and device several times often helps.