SimpleMind for iPad and iPhone - New Features

Version 1.15.0 - Released 29 November 2016

  • Use Google Drive to synchronize with other devices
  • Diamond and Cloud border shapes
  • Rounded corners in angled paths
  • Redesigned Preferences panel
  • Performance improvement for large mind maps
  • Using standard iOS image picker for picking images
  • Pick Image from Clouds
  • Bug fix: original child order is maintained when using drag-drop to change parent
  • Bug fix: memory leaks fixed

Version 1.14.0 - Released 18 July 2016

  • Split view support
  • Outliner - replacing "Reorder topics" view. Read more…
  • Angled relation paths and adjustable relation paths. Read more…
  • New build-in style sheet: Chart (angled paths + arrows)
  • Style sheet editor: create new style sheets or customize the build-in style sheets. Read more…
  • Bug fixed that made cross links appear initially as a straight line

Version 1.13.0 - released 2 May 2016

  • Layout Direction options for auto layout modes. Read more…
  • Snap to guide lines and/or grid. Read more…
  • (Tinted) Collapsed and Hidden topic markers are clickable tools, also when the topic is not selected (see image below).
  • Option "Display Hide tool for topics" in Global style options (see image above). Read more…
  • Long press Hide/show tool shows hide/show options. Read more…
  • Bug fixed in positioning hidden topics for auto horizontal and vertical layouts.
  • Bug fixed when pasting in auto layout.
  • Bug fixed related to hidden topics in auto layout.

Version 1.12 - released 7 March 2016

  • Embedded images in topics. Read more…
  • Tinted checkboxes: Topic check boxes appear in the topic's stroke color. Read more…
  • New style added: "Natural + Colors", colorful paths without topic boxes (see image above)
  • Style sheet selector shows preview images.
  • Improved lines in auto Top Down layout
  • Huge performance improvement for long dashed lines and low zoom factors
  • Double click in empty space adds a Central Theme when nothing is selected
  • Bug fix: in some cases partial invisible texts
  • Bug fix: new topic initial colors when editing
  • iOS9 compatibility bugs fixed.

Version 1.11

  • Auto Layouts added: Horizontal, Vertical, List, Top Down. Read more…
  • Use drag-drop to rearrange topic order in auto layout modes.
  • Default Layout Mode for new Mind Maps in Global Style Options.
  • External keyboard navigation with arrow keys improved. Read more…
  • Warning to prevent loosing local changes when disconnecting from Dropbox.
  • Several bugs fixed in Dropbox integration.
  • iOS9 compatibility bugs fixed.

Version 1.10.0

  • Multiple Selection support added. Read more…
  • Long Press on rotate tool invokes Rotate and Flip commands
  • External keyboard support. Read more…
  • Bug fixed: Picking custom colors for a floating Text element could crash the app
  • Several iOS9 compatibility problems fixed, some causing long delays.

Version 1.9.9

  • Display Branch Borders. Read more…
  • Add Voice Memo recordings to topics. Read more…
  • Toolbar above keyboard added on the iPad.
  • Manual online/offline switch for Dropbox.
  • Transparent fill color support in topics and labels
  • Device and platform independent rendering.
  • Double tap on Image opens the full size image - the image link tool was removed
  • Copy / Paste Link to Topic allows linking to a specific topic in any mind map
  • Hide/Show Branch support. Read more…
  • Czech translation added
  • Editor Scale Factor, allows scaling editor rather than adjusting font sizes. Read more…
  • iOS 4 support discontinued.
  • Several bugs fixed

Version 1.9.5

  • Thumbnails for Dropbox and other external directories
  • Search in Dropbox and other external directories
  • Customizable Mind Map background color
  • Search includes floating texts
  • Custom Style sheets use time stamps to avoid overwriting modified custom styles
  • Improved L/R balance for strict layouts