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SimpleApps Editions

SimpleMind Desktop for Mac as available from SimpleApps on this web-site, comes in two editions:

  • SimpleMind Mac - full edition as sold on this web site, very similar to, but slightly more powerfull than the full AppStore edition.
  • SimpleMind Mac Trial - identical to SimpleMind Mac, except that it expires 30 days after the first run.

The SimpleApps editions run on Mac OSX 10.6 through 10.10
The SimpleApps editions are updated more frequently than the AppStore editions and new features and bug-fixes are available more early. Also, the edition from our web site it is not sandboxed, it offers a few additional features (such as link to file) and in some cases a better user experience than the App Store edition version.

AppStore Editions

SimpleMind Desktop for Mac is available from the AppStore in two editions:

  • SimpleMind Free - the free version with basic but powerful Mind Mapping features.
  • SimpleMind - the full version offering additional features to improve your productivity. Similar to the full edition from this web site, but slightly limited in some features because it is sandboxed (as per Apple's requirements)

Both AppStore editions require Mac OSX 10.7 through 10.10



Download Trial

Download SimpleMind Desktop Trial
SimpleMind Desktop for MAC OSX v1.9.8
Runs on Mac OSX 10.6 - 10.10 Some features only available on 10.8 and higher.
The 30-day trial versions are fully functional.

Note for registered customers: the Trial cannot be activated.
Check the FAQ for getting the latest version of SimpleMind desktop.



Feature Matrix

Note: some features are only available in OSX 10.8 or newer

Feature SimpleMind Free SimpleMind Full
Mind Map Editor
Click or drag Node Well to Add Topics.
Move Topics including Child Topics.
Move and Rotate Branch (Alt+Drag)
Rotate Branch with Rotate tool
Reconnect Topics using drag and drop - restructure Mind Maps aided by topic auto-layout.
Full Undo / Redo - making editing and experimenting easy.
Adjust topic width with Word wrap (line break) tool.
Add Notes to topics.
Copy / Cut / Paste Topics - move or duplicate topics between Mind Maps.
Copy as Image - copies the Map as .png to the Clipboard.
Copy as Outline - copies the Map as outline text to the Clipboard.
Create Cross-Links with Node Well - connect any two Topics.
Add Images or Photos to Topics (embed, link to source, upload to cloud).
Hyperlink Image (thumbnails) to the original image.
Assign Stock and Custom Icons to Topics.
Add floating texts (Labels) to topics and relations.
Auto numbering in topics (inside, below, none) for example 1.2.1, 1.2.2 etc.
Hyperlink Topics to Mind Maps - for easy navigation between (sub) Maps.
Hyperlink Topics to Documents or Web-pages - open documents or sites from the Mind Map (not for AppStore editions)
Re-layout Child Topics or Layout Mind Map with Strict Hierarchical Layout (Left / Right or Top / Bottom)
Collapse/Expand Topics - to maintain overview in large Mind Maps.
Add Central Theme, enables Multiple Mind Maps on single page.
Presentation Mode - full screen and read-only (locked) viewing a mind map
Search Bar - search in a Mind Map, matches are highlighted
Visual Appearance
Apply build-in Visual Styles for maximum Presentation Impact.
Style Colors can be applied per Level or Branch.
Pick Color from Style Palette or use Custom Colors.
Adjust Fonts per level or per topic.
Use Arrows in relations.
Create your own Custom Visual Styles - customize colors, lines and borders.
Manage Mind Maps.
Organize Mind Maps in Folders.
Search for (local) Mind Maps on Title or Topics.
Create new Mind Map from selected topic and branch.
Linked map from selection, creates a map with selected branch and links to the new map.
Navigation History - access recently opened Mind Maps.
Share Your Ideas
Native Dropbox integration lets you share your Mind Map with other computers and mobile devices running SimpleMind using Dropbox as a conduit.
Automatic synchronize Mind Maps stored in your Dropbox.
Open Mind Maps, Custom styles, FreeMind files (.mm) and .opml files stored in your Dropbox.
Email Mind Map - attach Map, PDF, PNG, Html outline, Text outline.
Exchange Mind Maps with SimpleMind for iPad/iPhone via Wifi. **1)
Exchange Mind Maps with SimpleMind desktop for Windows (file based).
Export as PNG, PDF, Html outline, Text outline, Opml, Freemind.
Import Opml and FreeMind documents.

**1) Exchanging Mind Maps between SimpleMind Free with SimpleMind for iPad/iPhone is only partialy available.
SimpleMind for iPad/iPhone can save (send) Mind Maps to SimpleMind Free, but Importing (opening) Mind Maps from SimpleMind Free on SimpleMind for iPad/iPhone is not supported.