SimpleMind for Android - New Features

Version 1.15.0 - Released 29 November 2016

  • Use Google Drive to synchronize with other devices
  • Diamond and Cloud border shapes
  • Displaying "up" parent folder in Dropbox and Google Drive, allows navigating to containing folder
  • Rounded corners in angled paths
  • Redesigned Preferences panel
  • Cloud setup redesigned
  • Android 6 support (API 23), minimum android version increased to 3.2 (API 13)
  • Android 6 backup supported, includes backup of local mind maps
  • Moved Delete command away from Navigate and Undo commands to avoid unwanted deleting followed by "navigate"
  • Improved handling of corrupt files
  • Bug fix: original child order is maintained when using drag-drop to change parent

Version 1.14.0 - Released 18 July 2016

  • Outliner, shown in the image below, replacing the "Reorder topics". On larger devices the outliner is embedded in the Mind Map editor and synchronizes the selection with the selection in the Mind Map editor. On smaller, phone-like devices the outliner appears as a pop-over panel. Use drag & drop in the outline to reorder topics.
  • Angled relation paths and adjustable relation paths. Read more…
  • New build-in style sheet: Chart (angled paths + arrows)
  • Style sheet editor: create new style sheets or customize the build-in style sheets. Read more…
  • Record movie. Read more…
  • Bug fixed that made cross links appear initially as a straight line

Version 1.13.0 - Released 2 May 2016

  • Layout Direction options added. Read more…
  • Snap to guide lines and/or grid. Read more…
  • Long press Hide/show tool shows hide/show options. Read more…
  • (Tinted) Collapsed and Hidden topic markers are clickable tools(see image below). Read more…
  • Option "Display Hide tool for topics" in Global style options (see image above). Read more…
  • French (FR) translation added.
  • Bug fixed in positioning hidden topics for auto horizontal and vertical layouts.
  • Bug fixed when pasting in auto layout.
  • Bug fixed related to hidden topics in auto layout.

Version 1.12.2 - released 21 March 2016

  • Tinted collapsed and hidden topic markers.
  • Workaround for android 4 bug: text editing buttons (cut, copy,) would be invisible.
  • Bug fixed: app would remain read-only until first pinch / zoom.
  • Bug fixed in positioning hidden topics for auto horizontal and vertical layouts.

Version 1.12.1 - released 15 March 2016

  • Bug fixed: mind maps would not be auto-saved in some cases.
  • Collapsed and Hidden topic markers are clickable tools. Read more…

Version 1.12 - released 7 March 2016

  • Embedded images in topics. Read more…
  • Tinted checkboxes: topic check boxes appear in the topic's stroke color. Read more…

  • New style added: "Natural + Colors", colorful paths without topic boxes (see image above)
  • User interface restyled for android 4.0 and higher
  • Double click in empty space adds a Central Theme when nothing is selected
  • Style sheet selector shows preview images.
  • Improved lines in auto Top Down layout
  • Spanish (ES) translation added
  • Huge performance improvement for long dashed lines in low zoom factors
  • Improved interaction with other apps opening *.smmx files. Don't open files from the Dropbox app, only use the build-in Dropbox support!

Version 1.11

  • Auto Layouts added: Horizontal, Vertical, List, Top Down. Read more…
  • Use drag-drop to rearrange Topic order in auto layout modes.
  • Default Layout Mode for new Mind Maps in Global Style Options.
  • External keyboard navigation with arrow keys improved.
  • Additional external keyboard shortcuts. Read more…
  • Warning to prevent loosing local changes when disconnecting from Dropbox.
  • Rotate Left / Right added to image picker.
  • Several bugs fixed in Dropbox integration.

Version 1.10

  • Multiple Selection support. Read more…
  • Long Press on rotate tool invokes Rotate and Flip commands
  • Additional external keyboard shortcuts. Read more…

Version 1.9.9

  • Display Branch Borders. Read more…
  • Add Voice Memo recordings to topics. Read more…
  • Editor Scale Factor, allows scaling editor rather than adjusting font sizes. Read more…
  • Transparent fill color support in topics and labels
  • New Topic (Child|Sibling) added to Topic Dialog
  • Device and platform independent rendering.
  • Upload to Cloud added in Link to Document/ File on device
  • Double tap on Image opens the full size image - the image link tool was removed
  • Bug fixed: Line arrow painting bug fixed
  • Bug fixed: Fixed several problems that could potentially cause the app to crash.

Version 1.9.8

  • Copy / Paste Link to Topic allows linking to a specific topic in any Mind Map. Read more…
  • Hide/Show Branch support. Read more…
  • Screen rotation support in editor
  • Improved Navigation History
  • Czech translation added

Version 1.9.5

  • Thumbnails for Dropbox and other external directories
  • Search in Dropbox and other external directories
  • Customizable Mind Map background color
  • Export to Cloud and Sync with Cloud in Editor menu.
  • Search includes floating texts
  • Allow cross linking in search mode
  • Improved RTL/Bidi support
  • Custom Style sheets use time stamps to avoid overwriting modified custom styles
  • Improved L/R balance for strict layouts